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Nozzle Catalogue

General information about nozzle technology

Full jet nozzles, needle nozzles, throttle nozzles, pipe cleaning nozzles

Hot steam cooling, return flow nozzles, spray drying, nozzles for the paper industry, canal cleaning, mining industry, fountains

Dual-substance nozzles and nozzle lances

Full-cone nozzles, bundle nozzles, spiral nozzles

Assembly parts for nozzles, clipping systems, mounting clamps, bayonet nozzles, hollow spindle nozzles

Nozzle mouthpieces with assembly parts

Hollow-cone nozzles, molecular vaporizers

Adhesive sleeves and nipples, stainless steel and plastic quick couplings, swivels

Flat jet nozzles, rotating flat jet nozzles

Tank cleaning nozzles: static, rotating and three-dimensional container cleaners (inside)

Injectors as mixing or conveyor nozzles for liquids, air/gas, valves, needle valve nozzles

Air-steam nozzles, low-noise blowing nozzles